About us

We are a family in Marin County California who have been making together for over a decade.

Sam DeRose is a student at Harvey Mudd College studying engineering. He has a wide range of making interests, including electronics, wood working, metal working, graphic design, photography, cooking, and jewerly making. He has more than 40 instructables posts that have been collectively viewed nearly 400,000 times. He has done internships at The Exploratorium, Instructables, and this coming summer he’ll be an intern at Other Machine.
Joseph DeRose is a high school student at The Bay School of San Francisco. His primary passion is filmmaking, and he’s in the process of creating a feature length science fiction Lego stop motion film called PAIRD.

Cindy DeRose is a “Maker Mom” who enjoys adventure travel, gardening, making pastries, and supporting all the making that goes on in the household.
Tony DeRose is a computer scientist and researcher working at Pixar Animation Studios. His making interests include wood working, electronics, programming, and photography. He collaborated with Dale Dougherty and others to create the Young Makers program and the Maker Education Initiative.

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