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Our Maker Faire project for 2015 is to create a powered exoskeleton that can aid in the lifting and transport of heavy objects. We are modeling the AJAX Exosuit after the movie “Edge of Tomorrow”. We also drew inspiration from “Elysium”, as well as other movies.

Although we’ve exhibited at Maker Faire for years (see past projects), the Exosuit is our most ambitious project yet.

Who we are

Our team consists of high school students from The Bay School of San Francisco together with several adult mentors. From left to right: Sammy Kroner, Joseph DeRose, Gabriel Perko-Engle, Ed Burke, Thelonious Breskin, Ian Simons, Connor Dietz, and Cole Yarbrough. The team is shown above with our pneumatically actuated prototype legs.

Previous Maker Faire projects have included the Potato Gatling Gun, Saphira the fire breathing dragon, and The Viper, a Battlestar Galactica themed full motion flight simulator.

Latest Update Video

Thanks to our sponsors!


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We’d also like to thank our 120 backers who pledged more than $7,200 on Kickstarter!

This project is part of Maker Ed’s Young Makers Program.

Progress so far

We made it to Maker Faire, drawing big crowds all weekend. It was blast! Read more.

2015-05-17 17.08.14
A post Faire picture of the whole team. Notice the two Editor’s choice ribbons taped to the frame.

The fully assembled suit.

The final suit with all 8 cylinders mounted. The next step is to attach the Enfield proportional valves.

We built these prototype legs to test the mechanical design of a working armature, and to experiment with actuation and control necessary to walk without falling over. Sensing is done using 8 force sensitive resistors that track the motion of the wearer.

Prototype elbow #1. Powered by a pneumatic cylinder and uses a Hall Effect sensor that tracks the motion of the wearer.

Follow our progress here

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